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Epic PC Arcade Controllers.

Status update: 10/8/2010 - Project #1 on hold until further notice. Details here. All parts have been transfered to project #2. These might be completed one day.

Status update: 27/10/2010 - One of the boxes has died due to dodgy glue and excessive heat :( The project that never was. Curse our insane Aussie weather...


The Plan

July, 2010

I had an idea. Not sure where it came from. Possibly while taking a sore thumb break after a heavy MAME session with a horrible little gamepad thing. Build an arcade controller. But hey, why stop at one. Build a pair of arcade controllers that can be used independently, joined and used as an upright cabinet panel, or attached to each side of a cocktail cabinet. There's plenty of scrap pine lying around. I found a place online selling all sorts of arcade machine hardware. Sounds fun and easy.

Step 1: Buy a box of buttons and a joystick, then design a case around them...


The Prototype

P1 box (version 1) quickly knocked together from scraps.

P1 hardware test mount. Looks good so far, but there's something missing...

P1 hardware test mount inside view. Can't quite work out what's wrong...

P1 (version 2 - now with pause button...) and almost complete P2


The Quest Goes Well

Paint. Matt black is nice. Goes with everything.

More paint. MAME logo also if I get motivated enough to make a stencil.

There's hope yet for a win... More bits needed.


Stuff To Do

Hacked generic USB dual analog 12 button controller. Need another one, and have to make up wiring harness for both. Overkill for P2 but they're cheap and plentiful on ebay. Very simple PCB that's easy to work with. The analog sticks won't be used. (Update: I've been informed by a kind soul over at Aussie Arcade forum that these controllers aren't very reliable when button-mashing. I should look at something called an IPac.)


Artwork Concept

MAME logo may or may not be included on the final. Stencils are hard work and stickers peel....